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Pretty, girly, homey, comfy and stylish. She loves adding feminine details to her outfits, like puff sleeves. Her jewelry is . She has her beloved pearls from Matthew, and from Gilbert, a pearl ring and heart pendent necklace.

Try finding some pieces that just feel like Anne would wear them today. Three great stores to find Anne pieces are at , m, and anthropologie. Try adding florals, lace, mint green Gilberts favorite on Anne, pearls, puff sleeves, ruffles, lace, or anything with an oldfashion charm, to your daily outfit.

Anne gets in trouble all the time, especially when she was younger, yet she always learns from her mistakes and never does the same wrong thing twice. She also struggles with pride, yet she learns to swallow her pride. Many of us struggle with the same things as Anne. Reading the Anne stories can help cheer you up after a hard day. Reading about Annes troubles, joys, and just daily life makes you smile and wish that you lived in pokey old Avonlea even with Rachel Lynde.

What do you think of Annes how would you describe it?

How do you think Annes can be incorporated into fashion today?  Let us know what you think!

It is through Anne that I fell in love with the Edwardian era. Why, Im not sure. Maybe because it is a more time. Or that it has all that oldfashioned charm, with some modern conveniences that we have today. Also, the fashions of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, which the first two movies are set in, are beautiful feminine, yet practical. And many of the clothes from those eras can easily be adapted for today.

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What is it about the time period in which Anne is set that appeals to you?

I wanted to do something fun for my blog, Bramblewood Fashion. Having loved the Anne of Green Gables stories and movies since I was nine, and knowing that many other ladies and girls love Anne, I thought, why not host a fashion week dedicated to Anne of Green Gables? For doesnt every Anne fan wish she could be Anne for at least a week, or day and to find her own Gilbert Blythe to marry?

Why did you decide to host an Anne of Green Gables fashion week?

Why do you think it is important to remember and celebrate Anne?

Anne Shirley yearned to be stylish and revelled in the glamorous outfits she was able to wear every so often while living at Green Gables even if it meant her sleeves were so large she would have to turn sideways to get through the doors, as Marilla said.  Once Anne became a little older and more independent, she made a concentrated effort to wear clothing and accessories that made her feel pretty.

How do you think young girls or women can incorporate Anne fashion into their everyday wear?

Even today, Annes mark on the world of fashion has not vanished.  Several blogs have hosted their own Anne Fashion Week, with young women posting pictures and descriptions of the kind of modern clothing and accessories they feel Anne might have worn. Ashley Pokone, who runs theBramblewood Fashion blogand hosted her own Anne Fashion Week, explained to us which aspects of Annes appeals to her and how people can incorporate them into their everyday wear.

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